Calvary Transitional Housing Program has evolved from Calvary's original emergency shelter into a holistic, personalized transitional housing program for women in need. As they work to move out of homelessness, women in the program receive support to achieve other goals, such as addressing their mental and physical health, maintaining their recovery from addiction, healing from previous trauma and violence they have experienced, and securing income through employment or benefits.

Pathways is a transitional housing program that offers stability and support to chronically homeless women who struggle with mental illness. This unique program reaches out to some of the most vulnerable members of our community to offer them the care they need in a safe, comfortable space. Pathways' programs and activities focus on building women's individual skills and creating community among women whose illnesses often keep them isolated.

Sister Circle, our permanent housing program, offers long-term support and independent housing to women in recovery from substance addiction, many of whom struggle with chronic medical conditions such as HIV/AIDS and cancer. In addition to making support services available, Sister Circle provides a close-knit community of peer support.

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